Brandon Mowat

Computer Science @ UofT, Engineer, etc.

var favouriteLangs: Array<String> = ["JS", "Swift", "Haskell"]
var otherInterests = ["Design", "UX", "Food", "Fashion"].map({"I also love " + $0})


U up?


New server - who 'dis?

JK, how could I forget you? 👋

What kind of things do you do?

I'm a software engineer and self proclaimed product designer.

Currently, I'm studying computer science at the University of Toronto 🎓

Are you available for hire? You write some dope code 💯

You could send me an email right here and tell me more about yourself 😊

I'm really just here looking for a new friend 😳

That's cool too! Feel free to tweet at me or follow me anywhere online.

I'm usually brandonmowat on most websites.

*Swipes right*